Thursday nights at 7:00 p.m.

Every Thursday night starting at 7:00 p.m., we open up the church for a time of Soaking Prayer. We invite you to come and stay as long as you like; some may need to leave early and that’s entirely acceptable.

What is “soaking prayer”? We have light praise music on, you find a spot on the chairs or a piece of floor to lie down on (bring a pillow and/or blanket for your comfort), and invite the Holy Spirit to minister and speak to you. There may be times when someone comes by and prays for you as well, sometimes with the laying on of hands, with one’s permission.

Many times in prayer we talk a lot and fail to listen. This is a time of intentionally quieting yourself. You can read the Bible, journal, or even fall asleep (God’s covenant with Abraham occurred while Abraham was sleeping – see Genesis 15:12). Our society runs at a fast pace, and this is a time to slow down. If God is truly our friend, and friends need time together, then “this” is “that” time. Remember, if grace is really not about doing, come over and “not do” for God; merely rest and let Him do for you.

After the time of Soaking we will have someone share a brief message (often a devotional reading or short teaching) and then have time for focused prayer ministry. If there are issues that were stirred up during your one-on-one with God, this is an excellent time to start addressing them.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of the evening, we are not able to provide child care.

Come join us and experience the transformative Presence of God!